Neighbors react to Mobile man accused of fracturing daughter's skull

(IMG: WPMI) Neighbors react to Mobile man accused of fracturing daughter's skull

26-year-old James Grimes is sitting in Mobile County metro jail, charged with aggravated child abuse.

Police say Friday around 2 a.m. they were called to USA Children's and Women's hospital for a 3-month-old little girl who had two skull fractures and broken bones.

"Wow, that's horrible," one woman said.

"It's terrible and it's sickening to me 'cause I have children too, and I wouldn't want nobody [to] do nothing to mine like that," another woman said.

Investigators say Grimes, her father, is responsible.

According to arrest records Grimes lives on Congress Street in Mobile.

Neighbors say it's shocking to hear one of their neighbors is charged with hurting a child.

"That's frightening because you never know what he'll do to somebody else," a neighbor said. "If he do it to a baby, he'll do it to somebody else."

Even more frightening to learn, he served time in 2012 for beating his other daughter who was three and a half months old at the time.

"Oh no, they need to keep him in the jail, under the jail," a neighbor said. "He don't need to get out."

Neighbors say it's a time to send a message to mothers.

"We have got to stop letting our boyfriends and young teenagers, young men, baby-sit our children or keep our children. We have to do better by that, we really do," a woman said.

Police say this investigation is still underway.

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