NBC 15 trains puppy for Service Dogs of Alabama

NBC 15 trains puppy for Service Dogs Alabama

NBC 15 News is starting on a journey to help someone in need receive a service dog.

We are joining forces with Service Dogs Alabama to help raise and train this golden doodle puppy to become a service dog for a child, adult, or military veteran in need.

"Service Dogs Alabama provides fully trained service dogs in public access and in task training to people with disabilities. And we also have a branch that trains facility dogs for schools and detention centers,” said SDA Executive Director Frances McGowin.

For the next year and a half to two years, we will work to make sure this puppy receives special training and is socialized so she’s ready to help her new owner.

"Mainly doing socialization with her, training her basic 20 commands and taking her into public venues, training house manners, and letting her be around a lot of different people at the station,” added McGowan.

We will be keeping you up to date on the progress with our service dog. Our first task is naming this furry lady.

Once we narrow down our list of names, we will let you know so you can have a say in what we choose to name her.

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