"My legs were burning" - Two men speak after being struck by lightning

"My legs were burning" - Two men speak after being struck by lightning (WPMI)

Two men were struck by lightning Sunday in north Baldwin County. Thankfully, they lived to talk about it.

A family trip to the river Sunday afternoon in the Gateswood area took a turn when the fierce side of mother nature showed up.

"It was crazy," Mathew Lee said.

Lee says he was walking to the car holding an umbrella when lightning struck it.

"I had an umbrella in my hand, and I went to open the door and I don't remember much after that," he said. "I hit the floor."

Lee says he was unconscious for almost a minute. Seconds later, Adam Nelson says he was struck.

"I opened my SUV hatch, I heard the thunder and felt the rumble through my body," Nelson said. "I saw pink, and it slung me to the ground. My legs were just twitching, and I couldn't go nowhere and I was just hollering "what happened?"

He says it felt almost like he was hit with a stun gun or an electrical shock.

"Almost as if you hit an outlet with a screw driver or something," Nelson said. "You're just stuck and you can't move, your muscles are locked up tight."

He says moments later, the pain set in. "I jumped in the driver's seat and my legs started burning, burning, burning and it wouldn't stop."

They called 911 and were transported to the hospital.

According to, on average, about 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning die.

Lee and Nelson say they're thankful to be in the 90 percent that survives.

"I'm just glad to be here really," Nelson said. "I really am glad to be here."

Doctors ran some tests and observed both men. They were released Monday.

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