Multiple people attacked by man armed with knife

(image: WPMI) Multiple people attacked by man armed with knife

A child was almost stomped to death and the mother now in a coma after a horrific attack in a west Mobile neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

This morning we've learned that a man his been booked in connection with the violence.

While police have yet to identify the man arrested, we checked the Mobile Metro Jail log overnight.

23-year-old Tyrone Owen, who lives at the address on Wynnridge Drive , was arrested and booked last night charged with assault, domestic violence, burglary and robbery.

Police say late yesterday morning, a call came in for an attempted suicide at this home in the neighborhood of Wynnridge Drive, but then law enforcement discovered multiple victims.

A 56-year-old man was the stabbing suspects father and suffered lacerations and stab wounds to his back.

The 35-year-old woman who is a neighbor did not fare so well.

Her brother-in-law tells NBC 15 news the attacker ran up to the house and asked for cash and food.

He then bolted into her house and began attacking her two-year-old son stomping and kicking him.

The violence turned to the mother when she tried to defend her son.

The family says that 2-year-old little boy has asthma, but will be fine. The mom is in critical condition.

We also know the suspect sustained injuries - although at this time we are not exactly sure how.

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