MPD releases new details in deadly officer involved shooting

MPD releases new details in deadly officer involved shooting (WPMI)

Mobile police released new details in a deadly officer involved shooting that left one man dead.

Chief Lawrence Battiste says when officers arrived at the scene of an accident Sunday night on I-10 they realized it was more than just an accident.

“As they approached the vehicle they could hear a female passenger stating that he’s trying to kill me he’s trying to kill me,” Battiste said.

Batittse says 26-year-old Ira Crawford was inside the car stabbing his girlfriend Jaicola Seales.

He says officers Matthew Towey and Daniel Marlin told Crawford to drop the weapon several times but he didn’t and continued to stab Seales.

“The officers were forced to take action both officers fired one shot striking Mr. Crawford,” Battiste said.

He says officers used deadly force because Seales couldn’t escape.

“When the officer arrived they were dealing with a situation where a victim was being assaulted and it’s unfortunate that in our business in order to save a life we may have to take a life and in this case we were forced to take a life in an attempt to save a life,” Battiste said.

The chief says officers recovered a knife and fork at the scene.

He says Seales is home recovering.

The officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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