Mobile woman responds to human trafficking claims

(image: WPMI) Mobile woman responds to human trafficking claims

A Mobile family is set to land in India tonight, hoping to save their daughter from what they fear could be a case of sex trafficking.

“I’ve got to get her home,” Destiny Harris said.

Brent and Destiny Harris told NBC 15 they worry their daughter was lured to India by someone who may be part of a sex trafficking ring.

21-year-old Whitney Harris took off on a one-way flight to India last week to meet a man she had been communicating with on social media for two years. Her parents say that man bought Whitney’s ticket and she took off in the middle of the night. Whitney did not warn her parents, she just left a note behind.

"She hardly ever steps out the front door, she goes from here to work and that's it,” Destiny Harris said.

The Harris’ filed a missing persons report, contacted authorities, and have been working with sex trafficking experts trying to save Whitney from their fear.

While they are on the way to their daughter, a minister, doctor, authorities, and other experts in India are keeping eyes on Whitney and keeping the Harris family informed.

"Everyone we have on the ground is telling us that she is not in a good spot,” Whitney’s father Brent said, adding “It doesn’t matter if it's the people that she's with, it's the area she's in." said Brent Harris.

Right now, loved ones tell us Whitney is staying with a doctor as she waits for her parents to arrive. However, the 21-year-old is taking to social media, trying to shut down all concerns that this is a sex-trafficking situation.

Whitney posted a long message on Facebook. It states in part:

“None of this mess would even exist if I would have just told my parents about Pulkit and my travel plans. So, because they were not informed, the only thing that my family can think this might be is a sex trafficking ring. But it was not. This story is just about two young adults who fell in love and decided to meet. It would’ve been impossible for him to visit me in America, so me coming there was the only option.”

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