Mobile residents concerned about power bills after cold weather snap


This recent frigid weather, is turning out to be very costly. As we run the heat, we run up those power bills as well, pushing a lot of budgets to the limit.

A woman who lives in Mobile says she got an alarming power bill this month.

"It was $717.33," she said.

The woman didn't want to go on camera but she showed us her bill. She says while it's normal for it to go up in the winter, it's never been this high.

"I've been in this house six years and I've never received a bill for not even 700 dollars for one month," she said. "Another one of my neighbors she got a bill for $900 and something."

She says she's even gone as far as trying to seal off certain parts of the house to keep the cold out.

"I blocked off rooms that we're not using to cut back on the power and limit the heat only to the areas we're in," she said.

She says she reached out to Mobile Community Action to get help with her heating bill but they've reached capacity and aren't taking any more clients this month.

"It's a real struggle especially when you don't have it and you don't have anyone you can get it from," the woman said.

She's now faced with a due date that's just days away.

"It disturbs you I want to say almost mentally because you're trying to think of how you're going to get this large amount of money to pay this bill before the deadline date," she said.

NBC 15 reached out to Mobile Community Action.

The director over the program says they help 900 to 1000 people a month and they can only help based off the amount of funding they have.

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