Mobile Police respond to report of multiple stabbing

(IMAGE: WPMI) Mobile Police respond to report of multiple stabbing

Mobile Police and Mobile-Fire Rescue responded to a report of a multiple stabbing on the 7000 block of Wynnridge Dr. late Wednesday morning.

Police say the suspect stabbed his father in the back here at this house then came to this house and attacked a 35-year-old woman and her two-year-old son.

Tense moments as the suspect was being wheeled off in a gurney, a man punched him in the chest as he was being led to the ambulance. Moments later, another man had to be restrained.

Family says that the 35-year-old victim's name is Sharifa Ahmad. Her brother-in-law tells NBC 15 News that she is in a coma and will likely need plastic surgery.

He says Sharifa was standing by her front door, greeting someone who had come over when this suspect ran up asked for cash and food, then bolted into her house and started attacking her 2-year-old son who has asthma.

We’re told the suspect started stomping and kicking this 2-year-old little boy and she fought to defend him.

The family says that 2-year-old little boy will be okay. The suspect has not been identified by police and charges against him have not been announced.


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