Mobile pastor cuts up Nike headband during Sunday service

(image: WPMI) Mobile pastor cuts up Nike headband during Sunday service

This past Sunday, Mack Morris, the pastor of Woodridge Baptist Church in Mobile, cut up a Nike headband and wrist band during his sermon.

Morris told his congregation, "I ain't using that no more."

Morris went on to say that Colin Kaepernick inked a contract with Nike and “nobody knows and nobody’s telling how many multi-million dollars that is going to be simply because he does not want to stand when the national anthem is sung."

Afterwards, he got a standing ovation.

We sat down with Morris. He says cutting the Nike gear was a symbolic gesture of cutting ties with Nike

"This is not an issue about Colin Kaepernick, it is not an issue about Nike, this is an issue about the American flag," he said. "I no longer support them because I feel they are in support of someone who is disrespectful of our flag and all that it stands for," he said.

He says he has a right to express his opinion.

Nike recently launched an advertising campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is a professional football player whose kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games sparked controversy.

Kaepernick says it's his way of protesting injustice for black people and minorities in the U.S.

Morris says his stance is not about race. In fact he says he doesn't know what Kaepernick identifies as and he doesn't even know why he kneels.

"I'm not sure what he's protesting," he said. "I've asked a lot of people and not many people are sure."

Morris says since his symbolic gesture, he has received support but also a lot of backlash.

"Oh my goodness my e-mail and everything has blown up," he said. "Some of my secretaries, our staff have taken calls that were just terrible calls really ugly. It's turning out to be a racial thing unfortunately."

See the service in question below:

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