Mobile parents fear daughter lured overseas by online predator

(img: WPMI) Mobile parents say daughter lured overseas by online predator

21-year-old Whitney Harris did something completely out of character on Monday, by jumping on a plane to India.

That's where her parents say she met a man that she had been talking to online for two years.

For now, she's safe and in the care of a pastor in India but she remains in contact with the man she went there to meet and her parents fear she could become a victim.

Whitney Harris is 21, but her parents told NBC 15 she's known as an extreme introvert, a young woman who's only ever been as far away as Colorado.

So for her family, learning their daughter had left their home, where she's always lived, and hopped on a plane to a country on the other side of the world was shocking.

Whitney gave 6 weeks notice at her job, where her mom went to check on her.

"She said, she went to India, and I said 'India?' This has gotta be a nightmare. I was like what are you talking about, to see your friend?" her mother said.

That friend is an Indian man who Whitney met online two years ago. Her parents said they've spoken with him and have grown more worried.

"I was able to call, and I talked to him in the middle of the night and he said 'Can I call you mom?' And he kept continuing to do it, and he kept talking about how in love he was with her."

That man in India purchased the plane ticket for Whitney.

Her parents said they are on their way to India as soon as possible, with the help of a guide and translator, in an attempt to bring Whitney back home.

For now, they are worried that she could fall into an even more dangerous situation, and are asking for prayers.

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