Mobile oil tanker explosion alarms businesses off I-10

(IMG:WPMI) Flames from Mobile oil tanker explosion threatened businesses off I-10 exit

The investigation continues into an oil tanker accident which caused an explosion that is believed to have killed the driver.

Authorities said the tanker left the roadway and overturned which caused a massive explosion near the Virginia Street exit on I-10.

The blast rocked the entire area, melting chain-link fences and burning grass for dozens of feet.

The line of flames extended just feet from the Maritech Marine and Industrial Services building on Lawrence Street.

According to neighbors, employees were working at the time and likely had a front row seat to the explosion which could be seen for miles.

Crews from Neptune’s Daughters were also working on floats across the street when they saw the flames.

Multiple engines and firefighters battled the blaze with foam and water and eventually kept it from spreading further.

Officials were very concerned the oil would continue to push flames toward businesses and homes nearby.

Lester Lett lives nearby and said he heard the explosion.

“I saw a big cloud of smoke and I was hoping it wasn't a chemical trail from hazardous material so I ran in the street and called 911,” said Lett.

Mobile Police said the tanker was completely burned, and tragically, they don’t believe the driver made it out.

Authorities are still investigating how the crash happened.

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