Mobile Co. man who killed woman in previous crash hits another family head-on in collision

(image: WPMI) Mobile Co. man who killed woman in previous crash hits another family head-on in collision

A Mobile County man who already killed one woman in a head-on collision crashed into another family head-on sending them all to the hospital Friday.

The mother who was driving had to have an emergency C-section. Amanda Loper says the person who hit her was 38-year-old Nick Driver. It's his second head-on collision in less than seven years.

The only way Loper she gets to see her newborn baby boy is through cell phone video. Loper is at one hospital across town while baby Tucker is at USA Children's and Women's. He wasn't supposed to come into this world until late June.

"He looks pretty good for someone who came into the world in such a rough way," said Amanda's sister Sarah Loper.

Amanda Loper was driving her other two boys to ball practice Friday afternoon when her SUV was hit head-on on Beverly Jeffries Highway in Citronelle.

"It ended up putting all three of them in the hospital," said Sarah Loper.

In October 2011, Driver got behind the wheel drunk and killed 76-year-old Peggy Smart.

He was initially charged with murder, plead guilty to manslaughter was sentenced to serve just one year of a 15-year sentence.

Court records show Citronelle Police arrested Driver for DUI in 2014. His blood alcohol was more than double the legal limit at .18.

The state tried to revoke his probation back then, but Judge Youngpeter let him walk, ordering him instead to report to his probation officer and not to drive.

"He should not have been let out of the jail the first time," said Loper.

We asked multiple law enforcement agencies whether drugs or alcohol were involved in this latest crash. They would not comment.

The family just wants justice.

"He's sitting at home on Mother's Day when my sister can't even have Mother's Day," said Loper.

We reached out multiple times to the Citronelle Police Department to find out if driver will be charged, but the Police Chief did not return our calls.

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