Mobile man stranded on plane for five hours in Atlanta

Mobile man Chris Cruthirds and dozens of others have been stuck on this Delta Plane since 1 pm.JPG

Chris Cruthirds and dozens of others were stranded on a Delta airplane for 5 hours. That’s after the Atlanta Airport had a power outage.

Cruthirds later made it off the plane, but shared his experience with NBC 15 news.

Cruthirds says more than 70 planes were stuck on the tarmac at one point.

“We were just one of like 75 planes sitting on the runway since like 1:50 p.m.," Cruthirds said.

Cruthirds is a Mobile native who was traveling from Pensacola to Boston for business.

His plans came to a halting stop when he learned that the Atlanta airport had lost power.

"They came out and told us there was a power outage and that a construction crew had cut a power line," Cruthirds said.

For a short time, Cruthirds says there was no air conditioning running, and the plane had barely moved 15 feet in five hours.

After a while, people on the plane started getting hungry.

"We ran out of food and snacks, and we were kind of rationing a little water and coffee," Cruthirds said.

According to Cruthirds, people on the plane were fairly calm despite the unusual situation.

Once passengers got off of the planes, the nightmare still wasn't over.

"People were having to walk from the airport down the highway to get to the hotel because the train was not running,"Cruthirds said.

The accident caused headaches for many travelers just a week before Christmas.

Hundreds of people tweeted at Delta and other airlines looking for relief.

"We got a text earlier and a tweet saying that if you want to cancel your flight, they'll give you your money back, or you can change your flight at no charge," said Cruthirds.

The Mobile Regional Airport hopes to have most flights running on schedule by Monday.

They advise passengers to check their flight status ahead of time.

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