Mobile man stabbed at bus stop

    (image: WPMI) Mobile man stabbed at bus stop

    A Mobile woman says she watched a man stab her 32-year-old brother while they were waiting at the bus stop at the intersection of Michael Blvd and Montlimar Drive Wednesday afternoon.

    She says her brother was rushed to the hospital and she hopes he’s okay, but the man who stabbed him got away.

    The woman says the man who stabbed her brother has short black hair, and is wearing a white shirt and green jeans. She watched him hop out of a gold sedan and stab her brother then get back in and drive away. She says there were several other individuals in that car.

    She says Mobile Police are looking at surveillance from a nearby gas station and searching for the person who stabbed her brother.

    NBC 15 has contacted MPD for more information.

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