Mobile man arrested for aggravated child abuse after daughter's skull fractured

(image: Mobile Jail) Mobile man arrested for aggravated child abuse

James Grimes of Mobile is behind bars Tuesday, accused of fracturing his three-month-old daughter's skull.

This arrest comes just a few years after the same man pleaded guilty to abusing his other child.

Tuesday night a three-month-old baby lies in the hospital fighting for her life.

“I can just tell you that the injuries are very severe to this child,” Ashley Rich said, adding “It is too soon to tell {if she is going to be okay}.”

The child suffered two skull fractures and several other broken bones.

Mobile police arrested her father James Grimes.

“The system failed in allowing this man and I mean the whole system- the justice system to the parole board to DHR,” Rich said. “How was this man going to be allowed to move back in with children and have the opportunity to do this? He fathered another child, was living with that child, and then hurt that child.”

In 2013, Grimes pleaded guilty to abusing his other daughter. She too was just three and a half-months-old at the time.

Grimes was sentenced to 10 years in that case. However, According to the Department of Corrections, only served 2 years, 11 months and 20 days before the parole board let him off.

“The Parole board didn’t even parole him, he was given end of sentence,” Rich said. “They gave him credit three-for-one good time so he served less than three years on a 10 year sentence and was back out in the community, free and clear. There were no restrictions either and so he moved into a home with his other children and fathered another child and did this to this child.”

Rich says was also “end of sentenced” in a different case that happened in 2009. That time, Grimes pled guilty to shooting a man with a gun. He broke his probation and got a full ten years, but was out in less than three years.

Sentenced to 20 years in prison in two separate cases, yet Grimes served less than six thanks to Alabama's parole board.

“We continue to talk about the problems but nobody seems to want to fix the problem,” Rich said. “I wish I could, I can’t. I can’t build more prisons, I don’t have the resources or the finances to build more prisons. I wish I could solve the problem it’s frustrating for me is the DA because I can’t solve the problem. The only thing I can do is continue to do our job and continue to put people in prison and make sure they have consequences.”

When asked if Rich feels that this cycle will continue again with this case, she said: “I think history has proven itself.”

Right now, Grimes can't contact the victim or any child under 16. DHR has taken his other children away.

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