Mobile homeowner catches home invader on camera at the barrel of his gun

(IMAGE: WPMI) Mobile homeowner catches home invader at the barrel of his gun

A homeowner in Mobile came face to face with a burglar who kicked in his door.

It happened on Hilton Drive Thursday. This is the second day in a row a homeowner has stood up to an intruder.

The homeowner says within the last week someone has broken into his house three times.

So he says he decided to try and catch the suspect in the act. He says Thursday morning a man kicked in his door. He recorded the break in and threatened the suspect with a gun.

When the suspect realized he was caught, he ran off. Police say the suspect actually lives in the neighborhood. They caught him at his house down the street.

Alabama is a castle doctrine state. Police say if you feel threatened you have the right to defend yourself in your home.

"You have a legal right to protect your property," MPD Cpl. Laderrick Dubose said, "The other person they're the intruder they're there to commit a crime you as a homeowner have the right to legally protect your property if you can legally bear a firearm.”

It's the second day in a row where a home owner confronts an intruder.

Just a day ago deputies say a man found two men stealing from his backyard shed in Irvington.

Deputies say the homeowner feared for his life as the men approached so he fired shots and hit one of them in the head.

The homeowner wasn't charged. Investigators say each case is different.

"We don't want homeowners randomly shooting at people stealing things off their property because that's certainly not the right thing to do however you do have the right to defend yourself," MCSO Capt. Paul Burch said.

Many homeowners say they believe in protecting what they've earned.

"That's our right as a homeowner and as a person, you have property and you want to protect it," Nick Sierke said, "we work for things like that for a reason."

Police say they recovered some of the stolen items from the suspects yard and returned them back to the owner.

Police say the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unrelated medical issue. They say once he is treated and released he will be arrested.

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