Mobile County teacher placed on leave over quiz on drugs/prostitutes


A longtime Burns Middle School teacher is under fire after parents say she handed out a math quiz that questioned students about drugs, guns, and prostitutes.

Erica Hall told Local 15's Jasmine Williams that she complained to the school's principal immediately after her son gave her a copy of the quiz. The "City of Los Angeles High School Math Proficiency Exam" quiz originated online years ago as a facetious quiz attempting to poke fun at the gang violence and crime in that area.

Hall provided a copy of the quiz and said she didn't find it funny. One of the questions states:

"Dewayne pimps three h*'s If the price is $85 for each trick, how many tricks per day must each h* turn to support Dewayne's crack habit?"

Local 15 News has learned the longtime teacher in question is JoAnne Bolser. Parents say she's set to retire this year.

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