Nearly 3 Million Gallons Of Sewage Flowed Into Mobile Waterways

Recent heavy rains in Mobile pushed 2.8 million gallons of sewage into Mobile waterways.

According to the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, that's more sewage overflows than they saw all last year.

Here are the numbers:

Mobile River: 20,800 gallons

Dog River: 50,375 gallons

Halls Mill Creek: 270,125 gallons

Eslava Creek: 543,125 gallons

Three Mile Creek: 1,955,530 gallons

Total: 2,839,955 gallons of untreated sewage

MAWSS officials said a new lift station is set to open soon at Three Mile Creek and Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Drive.

It's a $1.2 million dollar project that spokesperson Barbara Shaw said should reduce overflows into parts of Three Mile Creek.

Shaw also said that MAWSS will soon be taking bids on a project to construct a Severe Weather Attenuation Basin in Mobile. The basin would contain overflows temporarily and will be able to hold up to 20 million gallons of sewer.

But environmentalists at Mobile Baykeeper said sewer overflows are never acceptable even with the most torrential downpour.

"It impacts fish, it impacts wildlife, it causes severe pollution problems for the wildlife itself, but also for us as people, if you get your fish out of a river you need to cook it thoroughly. You need to avoid fishing in some of the rivers that are the most polluted. You also don't need to let your small child play in some of the puddles in some of our streets especially in the midtown area," said Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway.

"We filed a lawsuit against MAWSS in 1999. We're going through a revision of creating a continuing agreement with them right now that includes fines if they continue to pollute, includes a list of capital improvement plans that they're going to put into place," continued Callaway.

Heavy rain also sent sewage flowing into Baldwin county waterways, like Magnolia River and D'olive Creek.

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