Mobile County parents request rezoning to closer schools

(IMAGE: WPMI) Williamson High School attendance zone

Parents say they want answers as to why a problem they brought to administrators two years ago still hasn't been resolved.

Williamson Middle Prep is in the northeast corner of its school zone, but students who live just across the street were drawn into Callaway-Smith's district, ten minutes away.

Prattis Williams is one of dozens of parents who deal with it every day.

"It's a hardship for a lot of parents, so they're waking up earlier just to catch the bus to a school across town when they can walk to school," said Williams.

"Zoning has always been a problem. The citizens are tired every time they ride by here. They see buses pulling up here early in the morning, six or seven buses taking our students out of our community to other schools when we have a school that's in this community," said Robert Battles, Mobile County School Board Member.

School Board member Robert Battles represents Williamson. He held a town hall meeting last Thursday with parents who once again expressed rezoning concerns to superintendent Martha Peek and superintendent elect Chresal Threadgill.

"I’m here to listen and to take notes and assess the situation, like I said, I start in July," said Chresal Threadgill.

The next day, Battles wrote a letter to Peek requesting to add this topic to the next board meeting, but that didn't happen.

We asked the Superintendent’s office why, and received this statement:

"Superintendent Martha Peek is taking Mr. Robert Battles' suggestions into consideration. It's possible rezoning will be discussed in the next school board meeting, but she needs to speak with others including the incoming superintendent."

"This is something we need to do as of now, as of last year. Not now, but last year," said Williams.

NBC 15 News asked, "do you feel confident that this will happen sooner than later?"

"Well if it doesn't I'll continue to raise hell," replied Battles.

The next school board meeting is set for May 22 at 6:00 pm.

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