Mobile County man accused of sexually molesting horse

(IMG:MCSO) Mobile County man accused of sexually molesting horse

A 20-year-old mare named Polly, investigators say, was sexually molested by a Mobile County, Ala., man Thursday night. The sheriff's office says Daniel Bennett, 18, was caught in the barn and confessed.

"How did he explain himself being in the stall?" asked WPMI’s Andrea Ramey.

"He likes horses. He wanted to pet the horse," replied Polly’s owner Francine Janes.

"What did he tell investigators?" asked Ramey.

"That he molested the horse," replied Janes.

Janes believes it wasn't an isolated incident after finding evidence the stall had been disturbed throughout the month of December.

"I would say seven maybe 10 times," said Janes. "Toilet paper had been left. The hay stacks had been removed. Items had been turned over. And that's as far as I want to go."

Janes says after hearing the dogs bark Thursday night, she went with her husband, who was armed with a gun, to the barn and found Bennett hiding in the stall. Deputies say Bennett was held at gunpoint until they arrived and found the 18-year-old had a trench coat with burglar's tools in it.

Janes says she's appalled by what's happened and hopes Bennett seeks help.

"I sincerely hope the judge mandates that he goes for psychiatric help but just not a slap on the wrist, “said Janes.

According to jail records, Bennett goes before a judge Tuesday morning. There are no previous public charges listed for him in Mobile County.

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