Mobile County 911 Director asleep, intoxicated in county car before arrest

(img: WPMI) Mobile County 911 Director asleep, intoxicated in county car before arrest

Charlie McNichol, director of Mobile County 911, was found in Spanish Fort on Friday at Highway 31 and Highway 90 after midnight in a Mobile County issued car. He was inebriated to the point where Spanish Fort police arrested him and charged him with public intoxication.

Today, we spoke with 911 board member Robert Adams, who is acting as chair this week. Adams said he and the chair, Stephen Bowden, spoke with McNichol following the arrest. McNichol told Adams that he was asleep in the county issued vehicle at the time the officer discovered him, in the driver’s seat.

Adams continued that McNichol had left dinner in Baldwin County and pulled over.

“He was driving home and he pulled over and fell asleep,” Adams said.

McNichol paid his $400 bond and was released from the jail in Daphne; Spanish Fort does not have a jail.

McNichol was formerly with the Daphne Police Department.

When asked why McNichol drove that county-owned car, Adams said it was understood that McNichol drives back and forth.

NBC 15 found that McNichol did not live in Mobile County, which violated part of the job description for Mobile County 911 director.

“He was retained from assistant director position, so we didn’t pursue that,” Adams said. He explained that because the assistant director position did not require Mobile residency and they selected McNichol for the job, they did not enforce that requirement in this case.

As for if McNichol could be placed on leave or replaced, Adams said no, saying it was a “one-time” incident.

McNichol told NBC 15 that he is “embarrassed” and dealing with personal and health issues, admitting he acted “poorly.”

He was at work today, acting in his administrative role at a conference in Orange Beach for statewide 911.

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