Mobile apartments targeted by door-busting burglars

(Image:WPMI)Mobile apartments targeted by door-busting burglars

Yester Oaks Apartments are located between Airport Blvd., and Dauphin Street, two of the busiest streets in town. It’s not a small complex either; it boasts more than 580 units.

Thieves are targeting units in the complex, several so far this year. The method the thieves use each time is the same kicking in the back door to gain entry into the apartment townhomes.

We received video from the Mobile Police Department showing a man in what appears to be a jumpsuit, a flashlight in hand, searching for what to take in an apartment near the front of the complex. The video was captured from in-home surveillance.

We spoke to another recent theft victim, robbed just two days after her neighbor, their apartments closer to Montlimar Creek.

Deyjah Frances’ door was kicked down too, her TV and other personal items taken from her home.

She couldn’t believe they were robbed so shortly after the family two doors down.

“Two days after the neighbors we stayed away from home for a whole week, we couldn't even be comfortable,” she said.

Frances has increased security at her home, including installing cameras, but says nothing will ever restore her sense of security after her privacy was violated by a thief.

NBC 15 spoke to a couple a couple years ago who was also burglarized, their door kicked down as well, who lived in the same building Frances does now.

With the type of burglary not so rare in the complex, we wanted to ask Yester Oaks management what they’re doing to combat thieves preying on residents.

They wouldn’t speak to us on camera, but they did issue a flier to their residents.

That flier says they are working with Mobile Police, acknowledging there has been a “string of burglaries” at the complex. The flier is dated February 5.

It goes on to say they’ve hired a patrol service for “the next few weeks” to try and catch the crooks.

They also implore residents to lock their doors, close their blinds and call the patrol service or police if they see anything remotely suspicious.

They also offered Frances a way out of her lease due to the trauma.

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