Mississippi man stands accused of gunning down 8 people


A Brookhaven, Mississippi man stands accused of gunning down eight people, including children, and a sheriff's deputy.

He's pleading not guilty to those charges.

Willie Godbolt pleaded not guilty in court Monday. Authorities say last year, Godbolt shot and killed eight people in a shooting rampage at three different homes in two different cities.

Authorities say Godbolt first shot Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy William Durr, they say Godbolt's rampage fueled by anger at his estranged wife, for not letting him see his kids.

The victims were all friends and family members of Godbolt's estranged wife and ranged in ages from 11 to 55.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

This story has a dark twist to it when Godbolt was 17, his mother shot and killed his father who was a Brookhaven police officer.

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