Millennials at higher risk for obesity related cancers than ever before

(Image:WPMI)Millennials at higher risk than ever for obesity related cancers

Cancers that used to only affect people later in life are now being seen in younger people, more than ever before.

Doctors like John Godwin say it's tied to what the scale says.

"It's estimated that a third of our young people are overweight, but if the trends keep going, that could increase to more than half of young people,” he said.

The types of cancer increasingly showing up in millennials: colorectal, endometrial, gallbladder, kidney, pancreatic and multiple myleoma.

All, associated with obesity.

Health professionals across the nation are calling it an epidemic.

We spoke with South Alabama students who say they know they should make healthy choices, but say it's challenging.

"You just don't have a lot of time obviously, time management is a big thing, and if you're studying a lot, you don't eat properly you eat a lot of junk food,” said one student.

"I try to stay away from the snacks, really,” said another.

"You don't eat what you're supposed to and you say, oh no!”

Others say they would like to make healthier choices but fast food is simply cheaper.

“We don't have the funds to get the proper food you should eat,” a student said.

USA football player Daqwan Bryant says he has to make healthy choices or he can't play well.

“Your body is kind of like a car, so it's very important to put good fuel in it, you don't want to put bad stuff in your body or you won't perform like you should,” said Bryant.

Godwin hopes more education on how to be healthier and fight obesity helps more young people see old age.

“People are having a conversation about the Opioid epidemic, but just as important is the obesity epidemic that's happening in this country,” said Godwin.

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