Michael Moore's Family Plans to Sue the Mobile Police Department

Family attorney confirms that Michael Moore's family will sue the Mobile Police Department.

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - Even though Mobile police and the FBI are still investigating the shooting death of Michael Moore, the 19-year-old's family plans to take action. Moore's family attorney, Mario Williams, confirmed they will file a lawsuit against the Mobile Police Department.

"At this point, we are mainly focused on the police department," Williams said, "We are going to do some due diligence on whether or not we want to involve the city. But, we are definitely focused on the police officer. We believe his use of deadly force was unreasonable and unlawful."

Moore, 19, was shot and killed last week in Mobile. The shooting happened during a traffic stop at Stanton Road and Wagner Street. The officer involved, MPD Officer Harold Hurst, told authorities Moore had a weapon and attempted to pull his gun on him. MPD also reported Moore was driving a stolen vehicle and was carrying a stolen gun. But, Hurst wasn't wearing body camera when the incident happened and as of right now, there's no known video of the fatal shooting.

The lack of video evidence and conflicting reports in this case could be enough for Moore's family to move forward with a lawsuit. Several witnesses, including Moore's friend and backseat passenger, are telling a different story.

"He did not reach for his gun, he had his hands up the whole time, that man should have never shot him," said Robert Blackmon, Moore's friend.

"Nobody saw a gun," said Rebecca Ambrose, a witness, "only thing he had was a cell phone and it was laying right in front of the car."

"We're going to have multiple claims in the lawsuits," Williams said, "I can tell you from my experience of litigating in Alabama, some of those claims will be wrongful death, negligent assault and battery, and the federal claim of unreasonable use of deadly force".

MPD Officer Harold Hurst has been placed on administrative leave. The FBI and Mobile Police are still investigating this case.

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