MCSO seeks owners of stolen guns seized from Semmes pawn shop

(Image: MCSO) MCSO seeks owners of stolen guns seized from Semmes pawn shop

Mobile County Sheriff's deputies are working to locate the owners of three stolen guns they seized from a Semmes pawn shop on Tuesday.

Officials found the guns while executing a search warrant at the Eddie's pawn on Moffett Road in Semmes.

To clear up confusion, this pawn shop is not affiliated with the other Eddie's pawn shops you'll find throughout the city of Mobile.

And on Wednesday, NBC 15 learned that while county pawn shops follow state code regulations, pawn shops in the city of Mobile also have to abide by a city ordinance related to pawn shop activities. It's all in an effort to keep stolen items off pawn shop shelves.

Captain Paul Burch with MCSO said his office was trying to recover a stolen chainsaw at the Eddie's on Moffett Road in Semmes, when the owner refused to hand over the property.

"We had a theft reported and investigators followed up on the case and determined through the suspect that he had pawned the property at Eddie's," said Capt. Burch.

Deputies were forced to get a search warrant.

Once inside Burch says they also found three stolen guns.

"Whether they were accidental or intentional remains to be seen. There were some numbers and letters not inserted properly in their system as it relates to the serial numbers so that will be turned over to ATF for review," said Burch.

This Eddie's pawn in Semmes on is not affiliated with the other Eddie's you'll find in the city of Mobile.

Jeremy Collins is one of the owners of the Eddie's on Springhill Avenue near I-65. This is not the location where deputies executed that search warrant.

He said their shops work hard to keep stolen items out of their display cases.

"Every day we compile a list and send it to the police department the next morning through a software program called LeadsOnline.So what that does is if there are any stolen items reported they'll compare that with the list that pawn shops send in throughout the city, then police know exactly where it's at," said Collins. Entering people's names, property descriptions and model numbers into the LeadsOnline program is required for pawn shops within the city limits.

Some pawn shops across the country even fingerprint customers.

That isn't done here and isn't required in Alabama, but Collins says everyone that comes in with something to sell, has to provide a state issued ID. And all model and serial numbers are documented.

"If it's brand new they have to have receipts or we will not take it. If it's not new but a very nice item we try and talk to the person see if the story matches the person and matches the item. If we don't feel it checks out we will send them packing," said Collins.

Surprise compliance checks are also not uncommon.

As far as advice for you at home? Officials say take pictures of your high ticket items.

And keep a notebook with all your serial numbers. It makes recovering those items if they're stolen a whole lot easier.

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