McGill-Toolen students take "Arrive Alive" tour

(IMAGE: WPMI) McGill-Toolen students take "Arrive Alive" tour

Students at McGill-Toolin put on "beer goggles" and were tasked with pretending to drive drunk.

It was done using a high-tech simulator, along with impact video.

The students not only learned about drunk driving, but also the dangers associated with distracted driving.

NBC 15 caught up with a few students to find out what they learned.

Gregory Marshall, a Senior at McGill Toolin said, "I'm a member of the C.O.C here we work alongside the Drug Education Council and a few other groups here in Mobile. Taking the “Arrive Alive” tour helps show kids what can actually happen if you do get into situations like that. You could actually die and kill other people at the same time."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers under the age of 20 have the highest number of distraction-related crashes.

Studies show they also text and drive more than any other age group.

Although it is a more fun way to learn a lesson, students and McGill-Toolin say they learned a lot by taking the “Arrive Alive” tour.

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