McGill-Toolen students pepper sprayed by police in Midtown

    (Source: WPMI) MPD is investigating the use of pepper spray to disperse crowd of students.

    McGill-Toolen students say police pepper sprayed them at the cannon in Midtown on Friday night.

    The students were celebrating their football victory over Murphy High School by painting the cannon orange.

    The painting of the cannon is a long standing tradition in Mobile.

    Students of the winning team congregate at the intersection of Government Street and Airport Boulevard to paint their school colors on the cannon indicating a win over their rival school.

    George Talbot, Senior Director of Communications and External Affairs for the city of Mobile, released the following statement:

    All I can really confirm right now is that officers responded to 70-80 juveniles being disorderly impeding traffic at Government and Houston around the cannon. Pepper spray was deployed to disperse the crowd with at least two juveniles reporting they were affected by the spray. They were released to parents at the scene. There is an automatic internal investigation conducted anytime pepper spray is used and is currently underway to determine if the use was reasonably within guidelines. No arrests were made on the scene.

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