MAWSS board approves water bill rate increases

MAWSS board approves water bill rate increases

A rate increase for the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) has been approved.

MAWSS says for the average customer, it all depends on how much water you use. But most people will have to pay between $1.43 and $3.08 more per month next year.

MAWSS doesn't receive any tax dollars. It's totally funded by rates.

With the water board's unanimous vote, customers will pay about 5 percent more next year and see a 5 percent rate hike in 2019, too.

Board members say the hike is necessary to fund the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure and help prevent those nasty sewage overflows we seem to report on almost every time there's a heavy rain.

"The term solution is us taking some corrective action with storage facilities to store that rain water during heavy events, then let it back into the system and let it get to the sewage treatment plants so it can be properly addressed. We will be looking in the next two years at some storage facilities probably storage tanks both in Three Mile Creek area and in Eslava Creek area and that's some concrete projects," said MAWSS director Charles Hyland.

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