REALITY CHECK: Mardi Gras mess

(image: WPMI) Mardi Gras mess

The good times rolled last week, and you may have thought the cleanup from Mardi Gras is over. Turns out there's another mess left behind you may not have thought of. NBC 15's Andrea Ramey paddled down One Mile Creek in Mobile to show us.

Paddling down One Mile Creek, signs of Fat Tuesday are found all along the shoreline and on the creek bed.

"It's pretty substantial," said Mobile Baykeeper grants coordinator, Laura Jackson.

Mobile Baykeeper served as our guide on today's litter tour where we found oatmeal pies, happy Mardi Gras popcorn, balls and beads. The group estimates more than 50,000 pieces of trash are in the creek.

So how do Mardi Gras throws get from the street to the water? Storm drains carry it.

"There's a misconception about where storm drains lead to and ultimately they're conveyor belts to One Mile Creek," said Laura Jackson.

Mobile Baykeeper, with the help of a $56,000 grant, is working to restore One Mile Creek and reduce the impact from Mardi Gras by installing grates on some storm drains, organizing cleanups, and educating the public.

We've got a major responsibility to connect people to everything that lands on the ground, they need to understand that it goes into a river nearby. One you care about. One you want to swim in, fish in and play in,

said Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway.

If you want to help, you can volunteer this Saturday for the post Mardi Gras cleanup. Find details here: Find details HERE

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