Man found hiding in septic tank after deputies say he set fires in grandmother's home

Escambia man burglarized grandmother’s home, set multiple fires afterward. (Source: Escambia County Sheriff's Office/ Photo: Jacob Blake Aeppli)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLA. (WEAR-TV) --A Pensacola man is in the Escambia County jail after an arrest report stated he burglarized his grandmother’s home and then intentionally struck multiple fires inside the residence.

According to Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO), deputies responded to an arson complaint on Wednesday at the 2300 block of Packwood Drive.

The report states, the victim was informed by her daughter that her residence was potentially on fire.

The victim said she ran across the street and found smoke coming from the rear of her residence, says the report.

The report revealed 24-year-old Jacob Blake Aeppli, the victim’s grandson was seen running north of the residence wearing camouflage overalls.

Aeppli’s grandmother states in the report, he did not have permission be at the residence or on her property.

The report states Aeppli was known to carry knives and is thought to be currently under the influence of narcotics.

When deputies spoke with a neighbor, the report says the daughter of the victim was told her mother’s residence was on fire.

The daughter said in the report the house was known to be vacant, therefore she ran across the street and observed smoke coming from the rear door.

The report says she made a loud verbal command for anyone who is the residence to vacate it and observed her son, Aeppli running from the residence.

Aeppli’s mother said she observed two fires smoldering, one in a baking pan and one on a small grill, says the report.

According to the report, Aeppli’s mother said she also observed the yellow insulation in the ceiling on fire and ran to retrieve a garden hose to put the fire out.

The report says, Aeppli’s mother extinguished the fire within the home and removed the grill and set it outside.

According to ECSO, a K9 unit tracked Aeppli who was found hiding in a septic tank, wearing the clothing described by the witness and armed with black survival knife in a sheath on his right hip.

The report states deputies observed a green hand truck dolly with Aeppli’s backpack attached to it sitting behind the residence.

Aeppli was arrested for burglary of a residence, arson and petit theft. Aeppli’s bond was set at $25,000 for the burglary charge, $2,500 for arson and a $1,000 for petit theft.

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