Man charged with killing his aunt in Daphne faces additional charge of spitting on ADA

(image: Mobile county Jail) File photo of Donald Nicholson - Man charged with killing his aunt in Daphne faces additional charge after spitting on ADA

There is startling new information about a murder in Daphne. The man arrested for killing his aunt this morning will face an additional charge, after he allegedly spit on an Assistant District Attorney in court today.

That suspect is Donald Nicholson, investigators say Nicholson has been fighting them so much since his arrest that they can't get a new photo of him in jail. The deadly shooting that forced some Baldwin County schools into lockdown.

Daphne police were the first to arrive on the scene the initial call was for multiple shots fired when officers arrived the victim has already been shot.

59-year-old Maria Nicholson may not have known what she was walking into, she had dealt with her nephew's outburst in the past but there was no way to know this would be her last day.

"We believe based on witness interviews that she got a call that her nephew who lives here also was shooting a firearm in the yard and in and around the house she left her place of employment and came here to try and deal with that situation," said Maj. Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.

Maria Nicholson worked for the Daphne Police Department as a support employee. 12 years with the department, 22 years with the City of Daphne.

"It’s been a difficult time for our employees we are work family, we have a community that’s grieving a family that's grieving and fellow employees grieving as well," said Daphne Mayor Dane Haygood.

When police arrived Donald Nicholson was uncooperative, he was forcefully pulled out of the home through this front window.

"Daphne was able to respond very quickly to the scene and they were able to take him into custody I think they made a decision early on that the victim had been shot and they were ready to make entry to see if any medical aid could be rendered," said Lowery.

Nicholson has an extensive arrest record, mostly misdemeanor charges. He had recently applied for a gun permit in Baldwin County. The permit was denied.

Family members tell police that Maria Nicholson was only trying to help her nephew out. He had been living with her for several weeks.

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