Long time eyesore being removed from Alabama beach

(img: WPMI)

When you think of long walks on the beach you probably don’t think of a 40 foot sailboat being washed up on it. But for many Orange beach residents and visitors to the gulf coast, it’s exactly that.

After 30 days of residing on Orange Beaches shores, the 40 foot sailboat was condemned by the city today. We spoke with mayor Tony Kennon about the headache upon the city's shores.

“We’ve been too nice as it is, no good deed goes unpunished. We should have declared this thing a long time ago and quit messing around with the owner who’s jerked us around non stop. Come Monday that thing is gone,” said Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon.

As for residents and visitors to the beach, the boat has raised a lot of questions and concerns.

“We just though maybe a bit had run aground or something we made a point to come up here and see what was going on,” said Lisa Holt a vacationer down from Birmingham.

“It’s kinda you know don’t know what he’s lost but it’s just kinda sad to see this mess here every day, you know there’s stuff all of the beach with it and stuff,” says Orange Beach resident Becky Diesselhorst.

The city of Orange Beach served the condemned notice today which gives the owner 72 hours to remove it, but come Monday, they will have the boat cut down into pieces and taken off of the beach.

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