Locals react to historical Singapore summit

(IMG: WPMI) Locals react to historical Singapore summit

The world was watching while these two world leaders promised a better tomorrow.

But will they deliver?

Is North Korea truly commited to working toward complete denuclearization.

NBC 15's Zora Asberry asked viewers if they think that will happen.

Some are showing support for the denuclearization pledge but other republicans are still skeptical, given the lack of specifics in the agreement and the fact that the North has made similar denuclearization pledges in the past.

Although President Trump has trust that Kim Jong Un will keep his end of the bargain, many of our NBC 15 viewers are skeptical.

Here's what some of then voted.

We asked if you think Kim Jong Un will get rid of North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

Of the seventy people who voted, the vote was almost a fifty-fifty split.

Forty-six percent voted yes, they do think Kim Jong Un will denuclearize North Korea, while the other 54 percent believes that Kim Jong Un won't get rid of the nukes.

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