UPDATE: Cefco responds after 'pricy' cases of water were being sold

Residents of Robertsdale reached out to Local 15 after discovering a Cefco gas station were selling 'pricey' cases of water.

UPDATE: Cefco respond with the following statement:

CEFCO apologizes for any appearance of impropriety in our water case pricing in the days leading up to Hurricane Irma. To be clear, however, CEFCO did not change any of its water prices leading up to or during the potential storm crisis. Rather, this is a situation where we were trying to do the right thing by supplying additional water to stores where people may need it. Some bottles of water are intended to be sold as full cases while others are intended to be sold individually. The influx of supply caused some confusion at the local level and, as a result, some bottles for individual sale were mistakenly displayed as full cases at the single-bottle price. Again, CEFCO did not change its water prices during this potential crisis. We are sorry it appeared that we did. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the storm. CEFCO cherishes the trusting relationships it has built with customers, and we will continue to support all our communities, especially those impacted by recent storms.



Residents of Robertsdale reached out to Local 15 after discovering a Cefco gas station were selling 'pricey' cases of water.

Viewers tell us they came into the store thinking it was a mistake, but they saw the price scanned in the system as that amount.

Pictures viewers sent us showed water cases were being priced from $26-$33 in front of the store.

When we arrived to Robertsdale Saturday afternoon, the water bottles in front of the store were marked down to $4.49 for Cefo Case Water and Dasani water for $5.99.

Locals told tell Local 15 they were especially concerned after seeing the high prices because of the shelter for evacuees that was opened down the road.

"Robertsdale opened up a shelter for the evacuees," Robertsdale native Camren Lynch said. She took a picture of the prices when she stopped by the station after work,

"I think it's very wrong for them to take advantage of people like that who are already displaced like that and at risk for loosing everything they own."

The manager at Cefco told Local 15 she couldn't speak to us on camera, but they should send us a statement.

Robertsdale Police stated that they have investigated the gas station after multiple reports and have released the following statement.

"Many people have contacted us in regards to the bottled water prices at Cefco. After investigating, we have found that the merchandise (water) in question are bottles that are intended for individual sale in the cooler. The price is so high because that's what you'd pay if you bought them individually from the cooler. They've elected to sell the bulk packs to help anyone buying multiple but are still required to charge the individual price."

Local 15 will update with more on this tonight at 10 p.m. and share the gas station's statement if we are given a response.

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