Local schools have bolstered security since Parkland

    (Image:WPMI)Local schools have bolstered security since Parkland

    Governor Kay Ivey's Sentry Program is designed to help protect schools that do not have school resource officers on hand, typically more rural areas.

    It allows trained administrators to be armed.... But the governor's office won't say how many are.

    I checked with every county in our Alabama viewing area to see what security they have in place.

    In Conecuh and Monroe counties, the school system relies on local police for school security; both say they are not part of the Sentry Program.

    In Clarke county, two school resource officers are on hand.

    I wasn't able to track down Washington county or Escambia county school officials on short notice,

    Baldwin county schools have added more licensed law enforcement officers.

    There's now one at every school.

    Mobile county schools have 12 unarmed school resource officers.. One for each feeder pattern.

    Andy Gatewood, director of safety at mobile county public schools, says this first Parkland anniversary is a reflective one.

    MCPSS recently received a federal grant to bolster security with a pilot tech program at Davidson.

    It involves a color-coded lighting panel, helping alert police, parents and students with the push of a button.

    "We hope for that to be a showcase, so we can show that and secure funding for programs for some other schools,” Davidson said.

    Baldwin County Schools also have automatically locking doors.

    "All of the locking mechanisms will be built into brand new schools, we won't have to come in and do that,” said Baldwin County Schools superintendent Eddie Taylor recently.

    Each security step, with the mission of stopping something tragic happening here at home.

    "We don't want something to happen that we could have stopped,” said Gatewood.

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