Local hospitals involved in lawsuit against opioid distributors and manufacturers

(image: MGN) Infirmary Health files lawsuit against opioid distributors and manufacturers

A class action lawsuit has been filed to shift the cost of the opioid crisis from hospitals to those it alleges are responsible- several of the leading opioid distributors and manufacturers in the country. The suit is filed on behalf of two area hospitals and an area medical group.

The suit alleges the manufacturers and distributors of opioids misrepresented the safety of the drugs in marketing and advertising, and that the manufacturers misrepresented how addictive the drugs could be.

According to the suit, pharmaceutical companies aggressively and unlawfully pushed doctors to prescribe the drugs, turning patients into addicts for corporate profit.

The lawsuit also alleges that the wholesale distributors of the drugs unlawfully violated their responsibilities under federal law to monitor, detect, investigate, refuse to ship and report suspicious orders of prescription opiates. As a result of this conduct, the suit alleges, hospitals have sustained substantial financial losses.

As this class action lawsuit grows, it has the potential to rival the big tobacco lawsuit or those against the mortgage industry.

This story is just breaking tonight and our investigators are working to bring you new information about the scope of the lawsuit and how it will impact people in Mobile.

We'll bring you much more Friday only here on NBC 15.

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