Local community voices importance of voting on eve of special senate election


Local representatives and community members came together on the eve of Alabama's US Senate Election to stand by Doug Jones.

"I am going to use every pair of shoes I’ve got tomorrow to reach all 5,000 of those voters to say you got to get to the polls because Doug Jones is going to be elected and there ain't no stopping us now," Representative Barbara Drummond said.

Dozens attended the Women Standing Up for Doug Jones rally in Downtown Mobile, uniting through inspirational songs and speeches.

"We need to send a clear to Washington and the world that we are better than this," Doug Jones supporter Ginger Poynter said.

Roy Moore supporters came together to voice the vote on local roadways Monday.

Across the state, both candidates spent the evening sending out a final push for votes.

Doug Jones hosted a get out the vote rally with Mayor Randall Woodfin in Birmingham.

“I think we are going to see it tomorrow, that the majority of the people of Alabama say that it’s time that we put our decency, our state, before political party,” senate candidate Doug Jones said.

At the same time, Roy Moore addressed voters in Midland City with former white house chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“Actions are going to speak louder than words, all of this mess is going to be over tomorrow,” senate candidate Roy Moore said.

Republican or Democrat, candidates and community members took a final to voice the importance of voting hours before this historical election.

"Everybody in the nation is watching Alabama to see if we are going to be on the right side of history,” local voter Lacey Mcelderry said.

Local Doug Jones supporters are volunteering tomorrow to provide local citizens a ride to the polls. If you need a ride, email or call (800) 484-0217 to arrange a ride to your polling place.

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