Lake Forest residents given chance to air grievances with Property Owners Association

    (image: WPMI) Lake Forest residents given chance to air grievances with Property Owners Association

    After months of complaints and concerns over association dues, finances and the future of one of Baldwin County's largest subdivisions a Town Hall is scheduled for tonight.

    It will iron out what has been a contentious back and forth between homeowners and board members.

    The Town Hall starts at 7 p.m. and it's the first of its kind for a property owners association.

    Some who live and own property in Lake Forest will tell you they feel left out.

    "More people are concerned so we're asking for more transparency, we're asking for more - how are you spending our money, why are you spending our money and why cant we all decide on how you spend our money instead of just

    a small group or board," said homeowner, Jesus Aponte.

    Aponte is hoping tonight's town hall will open up the dialogue, "I don't think there will be any results from this meeting. I don't think we are going to solve all the problems or perceived problems, but, I think in the right direction," said Aponte.

    Concerned Homeowners are questioning their right to voice opinions and their vote on matters; like increased dues, debt, assessments and changing the board's by-laws.

    People have complained and the board president says the decision to hold quarterly town hall meetings is a result of that outcry.

    "This is a direct response to the residents saying they don't have enough dialogue with the board of directors and we agree. So we are trying to facilitate more dialogue," said POA President, Steve Sasser.

    Concerned homeowners are now circulating a petition hoping for the Daphne City Council and the Mayor to intervene or mediate their concerns.

    "We have over 3,000 members in Lake Forest and we think we have between 6 and 10,000 residents who live in Lake Forest. There was a time when we made up half the population of the City of Daphne. So, what's going on with our POA is big deal.

    It affects a lot of people," said Sasser.

    Daphne's Mayor is aware of the petition drive. He tells us it may not be the role of the city to intervene.

    More than likely, the city attorney will have to a take up the matter.

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