Jones: This campaign was about decency

(IMG:WPMI) Jones: This campaign was about decency

This was a win for Jones and also for his supporters.

Jones says this was his life long dream, to serve in the U.S. Senate, and tonight, he thanked everyone who made that possible, his supporters, volunteers, and voters as well.

He says the people of Alabama have spoken and his supporters say that this win means a lot for Alabama.

Supporter Kimberly Perkins-Jones says, "I feel great. I'm so proud of this state right now. I think a lot of people have counted Alabama out, and this just shows that it's a change of the tide and Alabama has become a more progressive state than it's been in years."

Doug Jones is saying his campaign was about dignity and respect.

From the beginning, Jones said he was confident in his campaign and he knew he would come out on top with a win.

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