Jackie Tucker's 1-year anniversary of her shooting, shows promising recovery

Jackie Tucker's 1 Year Anniversary of Her Shooting, Shows Promising Recovery (WPMI)

It's been nearly a year since Officer Jackie Tucker of Saraland was shot in the line of duty.

What was once thought to be a grim tragedy, has turned into a miraculous recovery.

Eight shots were fired the evening of December 21st.

One bullet grazed Tucker in the head, but she survived.

Christmas and the days that followed last December were tough for the Tucker family.

Aaron Tucker, Jackie’s husband, and their two daughters were left to grieve the shooting, praying for a recovery.

Fast forward one year, to now, and Jackie Tucker is steadily improving.

“I'm in good spirits about it because she has accomplished a lot,” said Tucker. “I know she will be doing everything that she used to do as far as walking on her own, eating on her own, doing everything on her own. She's going to get back to that point it just takes time, and like I say it's on God's time," Tucker said.

Jackie gets constant visits from her family. On their anniversary, Aaron even brought Jackie her wedding rings.

Aaron says she smiles from ear to ear when she sees something she likes, like videos of her kids.

"She's responding back to us. Anything you ask her, she’s going to shake her head and say yes or no. She tries to mouth it out, It’s not loud, It’s a whisper, but she's going to shake her head yes or no. She’ll let you know what she doesn't want to do. She back to herself, and back to being who she is," said Tucker.

In just a short month, Mr. Tucker says that Jackie will be well enough to come home.

"She'll be coming home soon, we're waiting for that date to bring her home permanently. That shows she’s doing well when we're able to bring her home," said Tucker.

Jackies’ husband says between her family’s love and support and the help of her doctors and nurses, she is making a steady recovery.

"I love my wife, and I'm thankful to have her," said Tucker.

Blake Richardson, the man who police say opened fire on Officer Tucker, committed suicide after the shooting.

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