Is Roy Moore down for the count?

(image: WPMI) Is Roy Moore down for the count?

It was a late night in our state capitol as the Moore campaign raised the possibility of a recount.

The Secretary of State actually held a news conference at 11PM Tuesday night to explain how a recount would work.

Moore's campaign says it’s too close. There are still provisional and military ballots that have not been processed.

The Secretary of State says his office does not know how many of those votes there are but they will be processed by next Friday. Right now there’s a 1.5 point spread between the candidates.

An automatic recall -paid for by taxpayers- doesn’t kick in unless there’s just a half point difference.

If the point spread winds up being higher, the Moore campaign could still request a recount but his campaign would have to pay for it.

If the Moore campaign requested a recount, it wouldn’t happen until after all the votes are certified- no earlier than December 26th and no later than Jan. 3rd.

No word from the campaign this morning to see if that’s their intention.

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