How accusations against Roy Moore are impacting voters

(image: WPMI) How accusations against Roy Moore are impacting voters

On FM Talk 106.5, the phone lines are full of callers with opinions about Roy Moore. While the allegations against him are impacting some voters, many Republicans say they are unphased by them.

"I was and still am a Roy Moore until you prove to me he is guilty," said one caller.

"The majority of people are saying they stand with Roy Moore. They don't believe the allegations," said Midday Mobile host Sean Sullivan.

A growing number of Republicans are calling for Moore to step aside, but what the wishes are in Washington have little bearing here in the Yellowhammer State

"Mainstream Republicans coming out against Roy Moore does nothing but help Roy Moore in Alabama," said Sullivan.

According to an ABC News report Tuesday afternoon, of all 52 Republican Senators, not one said Moore should stay in the race, 15 said he should drop out, and 5 wouldn't comment. The rest qualified the remark Moore should step aside with "if the accusations are true."

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