Hospitals suing for payback for billions spent on opioid addicts

Hospitals suing for payback for billions spent on opioid addicts (WPMI)

Hospitals are suing for payback for the billions of dollars they've spent treating addicts during the opioid crisis.

Infirmary Health in Mobile is among the original plaintiffs in a new class action lawsuit that could spread to the 5,000 hospitals across the country.

Attorney's Don Barrett and Steven Martino say the crisis has cost hospitals $35 billion in the past few years.

Barrett says that overdoses are the main problem.

"It's killing 33,000 people per year, but it's costing billions of dollars costing our clients billions of dollars."

The most heartbreaking consequence is babies born to mother who use opioids.

"The hospital then must clean that baby in other words get them off the pills and that's about a $130,000 price tag, per child."

This new lawsuit blames big pharma for lying and breaking laws to maximize profits at the expense of hospitals.

Martino says this is much like the lawsuit against cigarrette companies in the 80s.

"The hospitals are the frontline soldiers. They were the frontline soldiers in the tobacco wars and they were ignored. They're the frontline soldiers in this opioid war and they have been ignored up until yesterday but they're not going to be ignored anymore"

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