Video: Hospital security guards wheeled patient off property

(Source: WPMI) Video shows Mobile Infirmary security guards, one an off-duty Mobile police officer, wheeling what appears to be an unconscious patient off hospital property on a cold night.

UPDATE 10/6: The family of LeJuan Johnson has settled its negligence case against Mobile Infirmary. The details are confidential.


Mobile Infirmary surveillance video shows security guards, one an off duty Mobile Police officer, wheeling a patient off hospital property on a cold night. The patient later died, and the hospital is being blamed for the death of the 24-year-old. Local 15’s Andrea Ramey was in court when the video was played openly for the first time in three years.

In the video you see two security guards, Shawn Poff and off-duty Mobile Police Sgt. Jerry Ripple, pick up LeJuan Johnson, who is on the ground by the doors to the ER. He isn’t moving much. Poff and Ripple then pick him up and place him in a wheelchair. Another camera angle shows the guards wheeling him off the property and leaving him on the ground.

Johnson arrived at Mobile Infirmary on March 5, 2013 by ambulance wearing only a thin blue t-shirt, pajama pants, and no shoes. The temperature that night, attorney Vincent Kilborn says, dipped into the low 40’s, and he began to suffer from hypothermia. Johnson died March 18th

“You actually see them pick up his wheelchair and dump him out there. He was laid out there for four hours. I think it’s horrific,” said Kilborn. “The whole thing is disgusting really.”

Mobile Infirmary admits Ripple and Poff made a bad decision wheeling him off the property but argue their actions did not kill Johnson. Attorney Norman Waldrop argued Johnson died from complications due to AIDS.

Waldrop says Johnson was removed because he became combative in the ER and shoved staff. There is no video evidence to show that. Waldrop explained it is illegal to record and keep footage inside an ER.

The trial is expected to last for two weeks. Jurors will hear from at least a dozen medical experts regarding Johnson’s health.

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