Update to the gruesome murder in Citronelle

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office says Derrick Dearman turned himself into Mississippi authorities after attacking the victims in their sleep early Saturday morning.

Dearman is facing 6 counts of capital murder.

Neighbors say a brother sister and their families lived inside the Citronelle home where the murders took place.

Deputies say Dearman killed them all over an estranged girlfriend.

A heartbreaking moment as a father tries to enter a horrific crime scene.

His son is one of the victims in a brutal mass murder authorities say Derrick Dearman committed Saturday morning at a home off of Jim Platt Road in Citronelle.

" For six years, a total 20 year career as a prosecutor and I've never seen a scene where 5 people were viciously and brutally murdered and that's what we have here," District Attorney Ashley Rich said.

Officials say Robert Brown, Chelsea Reed, Justin Reed, Joseph Turner and Shannon Randall were victims of Dearman.

Chelsea Reed was 5 months pregnant. Increasing the total to six victims.

Captain Paul Burch with Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says Dearman used multiple methods to kill all of Dearman's victims.

Before the murders someone inside the home called 911 naming Dearman as a trespasser.

Capt. Burch says local officers responded but Dearman was gone.

Eventually deputies say Dearman would return while his victims were asleep

Authorities say Dearman was after his estranged girlfriend Laneta Lester.

Lester was inside the home staying with a relative. Deputies say Lester was trying to leave an abusive relationship with Dearman.

After the murders investigators say Dearman kidnapped Lester and a 3-month-old belonging to one of the murder victims.

Dearman then drove to his father’s house in Greene County, Mississippi.

This is where Authorities say Dearman released both of his captives before being escorted by Dearman's father to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

" This will be a capital murder offense. There are 5 people who have been killed," Rich said.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is the lead in this investigation.

They are being assisted by the FBI and Citronelle Police.

Deputies say they are still waiting for Dearman to be extradited from Mississippi.

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