Hit-and-run leaves 15-year-old girl almost dead

(IMG:WPMI) Hit-and-run leaves 15-year-old girl almost dead

A local mother searches for the driver who almost killed her 15-year-old daughter.

Jaiyden Rathel was covered with injuries from head to toe.

Her mother, Amanda Davis, says her daughter was just walking down Stillwell Boulevard in Crestview Saturday night when she was hit by a car.

She was found minutes later by a friend.

"I started yelling put her in the car put her in the car in the car and we got in the car, and I had my 17-year-old watch the youngest ones and we went to the emergency room here in Crestview," she says.

The teen's nose and skull are broken. She also has bruises on her hips, knees and legs. She made it through one surgery, and we're told she's scheduled for another Friday.

Local law enforcement say by the looks of her injuries, Rathel was hit by either a truck or large SUV.

Her friend said, "they believe she took a glancing blow which probably was the hip, and it spun her around and she hit the mirror on the passenger side of the vehicle with her face."

If you think you saw or might know something related to the case, please call Florida Highway Patrol.

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