Heavy Saturday rains & flooding cause sewer overflows in Mobile

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    Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) responded to multiple sewer overflows (totaling 55,440 gallons) as a result of heavy rainfall and flooding in the Mobile area on Saturday, December 8.

    Below are the locations, estimated amounts and receiving waters. All overflows have stopped as of 9:00 a.m. Sunday, December 9.

    Location, Estimated Gallons, Receiving Water

    • 63 Conti St. @ Demouy Ave., 325 gal., Eslava Creek
    • 120 Demouy Ave. @ Murray St., 325 gal. Eslava Creek
    • 208 Westwood St., 4950 gal. Eslava Creek
    • 766 Johnston Ave., 9300 gal. Eslava Creek
    • 1050 Lubel Ave., 4440 gal. Three Mile Creek
    • 2668 Mill St. @ Julian St., 8250gal. Three Mile Creek
    • Siena Vista Dr. (Dead End), 10600 gal. Three Mile Creek
    • Tonlours Dr. @ Three Mile Creek, 7250 gal. Three Mile Creek
    • Saraland, 10,000 gal. Norton Creek

    MAWSS sewer system is designed to collect and convey wastewater to a MAWSS wastewater treatment plant. During heavy rains, storm water infiltrates and inundates aging sewer lines causing manholes to overflow.

    Sewer overflows occur when heavy rain infiltrates aging sewer lines. MAWSS is currently addressing overflows with capital projects.

    Though highly diluted, the wastewater enters storm drains that lead directly to creeks and streams.

    Health department precautions regarding contact with impacted waters and seafood preparation should be followed.

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