Publix employees dig through landfill to return girl's stuffed bunny

(image: WPMI) HEARTWARMING: Publix employees dig through landfill to return Daphne girl's stuffed bunny

DAPHNE, Ala. (WPMI) - Publix is known for their customer service, but one Daphne Publix took it an extra mile for one little girl missing her best friend -- a small stuffed bunny!

Three-year-old Madison left her bunny in a cart at Publix in Daphne Thursday. Her mother, Jenna Rachal, went back Friday morning when the opened and was told it hadn’t been turned in.

She then shared her dilemma on the What’s Happening in Daphne Facebook page in case anyone maybe took the bunny home. It got shared over 1,500 times with a lot of comments hoping for Madison to be reunited with the bunny.

Rachal then received a call Monday that the manager at Publix, Mike Gayheart, saw the post and jumped to action.

Rachal told NBC 15 about the incredible actions that happened next.

"They searched their video cameras following me, Maddie and bunny to the parking lot, and then followed bunny from the cart, being tossed in the trash. Bunny then went from trash can to the dumpster to the compactor to the garbage truck and then to the landfill! So, Mike, the amazing manager at Publix in Daphne plus three additional employees, Alex Chandonnett, Jordan De La Rosa, and Bobby Barnhart, went to the landfill to dig for bunny and FOUND HIM!"

She says that Gayheart took bunny home and washed him three times to get him nice and clean.

She says the bunny still has a bit of a stench, but her daughter Maddie has not let him go and she says he doesn’t stink!

She says she plans on calling Publix corporate to tell them of the incredible act from the employees.

"This is above and beyond and a true example of the good people in the world!" she said.

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