Gulf Shores High School marches on at Mardi Gras

(IMAGE: WPMI) Gulf Shores High School marches on at Mardi Gras

\In Gulf Shores and in Orange Beach Mardi Gras on the beach was more than a party! It was a homecoming of sorts for the Gulf Shores High School Marching Band.

Last year, the driver of a support vehicle in the parade lost control, and ran right into and over the band. A dozen members had to go to the hospital, some seriously injured. Today was a celebration of things getting back to normal.

Band members and their families have been through a lot during the past year after the accident"

"We're super proud of these kids from helping each other and just continuing to heal and recover and also to bounce back and move forward," said band director William Mixon.

It’s been more than an amazing recovery. What happened last Mardi Gras is now in the past.

Today the crowd not only cheering for the band they cheered for letting the good times roll.

"This very good after the one got cancelled last year that was a real tragedy that it happened it’s nice to see the parade again," said one reveler.

"It’s been about the kids this has been an opportunity for us to be there for them and do whatever we needed to help them recover and move forward. It makes me proud to see them here," said Mixon.

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